Their Future, Our Passion

Across the Globe, We Are United in Our Dedication to human Rights

Who We Are

Partnering to build a world where communities are safe, and valued.

We are a team of dedicated volunteers who donate skills, knowledge, and time to run NuevaLife Foundation because we believe that with passion and dedication anything is possible! We have placed the importance of empowering and collaborating with indigenous communities in Latin America to aid their community needs as our number one priority. Established in 2007 in Gainesville, FL NuevaLife has worked to create partnerships with the indigenous communities we serve because we understand that they are the experts in their communities and know its true needs. Due to this, we have established a direct practice approach to our project delivery. Meaning that we are in the field with our communities working hand by hand to accomplish our projects together!

At NuevaLife we pride ourselves in transparency and this is why we have an open invitation to all our donors and volunteers who wish to see exactly where their money goes to join our project execution trips and be part of the action in the field.

Our efforts are guided by our 3 pillars that have been established with our communities due to the need they have identified in collaboration with NuevaLife Foundation.

We believe that by providing quality Education and proper infrastructure for learning we can give children and youth the tools necessary to redirect their lives to make them what they wish. Because only through the power of knowledge can we truly impact.

Our Water & Energy pillar is our fight to provide our communities with essential resources to aid the problems that stem from lack of access to potable water such as dehydration, malnutrition, and child mortality. Providing energy to our communities allows for children to be able to do homework and adults to continue to work on their handicrafts which is the main source of income in our communities after the sun goes down.

While working on the grassroots level in our communities we have identified the need to implement our Paw Support pillar due to the cruel realities we have found in the field. We have established this pillar to educate and empower our communities on the importance of animal welfare and teach them best practices to care for their furry friends so they too can count with a better quality of life.

Within our pillars we work on delivering sustainability and empowerment to all the indigenous communities we serve!

NuevaLife Service Trips
NuevaLife Education Pillar
NuevaLife Paw Support

Our Approach


In the past decade, NuevaLife has worked with indigenous people across Latin America to empower them and collaborate in delivering the most at need projects their communities have identified. Our projects are geared towards sustainability; because we believe that our time in the indigenous communities should not be extended indefinitely; rather we want to capacitate its people to be self-sufficient and be able to carry on for many years to come. We work on providing the tools necessary for them to continue their life journey in a humane and dignified way.

Our sustainability projects aim to meet basic needs every individual should have. We do water access, extraction, whales, and water purification. Solar panels for communities and schools. Medical and veterinary brigades provide access to health, nutrition, and animal welfare needs that due to the remote areas most lack access to. We also work on capacity building with our communities to teach them new stills for success and collaborate with local partners for effective interventions.


— Our Mission

To empower, collaborate, and equip indigenous communities in Latin America with the skills, knowledge,and resources necessary for them to thrive in today’s world.


— Our Vision

To improve the lives of indigenous communities living in extreme poverty in remote areas of Latin America through sustainable projects and effective interventions in areas of Water & Energy, Education, and Animal Welfare.