Vegetable gardens

Vegetable Gardens in Schools

Lacking food, tools and many other resources makes it very hard for these communities to grow their own food

Many communities do not have the knowledge nor the tools to do their own garden. We come with a group of volunteers and build the garden for them. We bring a set of tools, seeds and the handwork to make it possible.
After our visit, they are left with a nice vegetable garden full of seeds that in the future will be a nice source of food for the community. We also leave the necessary tools to keep it and maintenance.

Every one of this projects has an approximate cost of $2,000 each

Your contribution will help them grow their own food, it’s all about auto-sustainability.

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Paw Support

Animals are also affected by the lack of food, but they are also lacking shelter, health and more importantly love.

We have created and alliance with Riocanes an organization has as mission rescue abandoned cats and dogs that live on the streets of the city and its surroundings. With your donation, you will be contributing to feed about 52 dogs that currently live in the shelter, also countless dogs that live on the streets that get feed through  feeders around the city.

Riocanes rescues these neglected animals, heals, fix them. Also educates the locals to learn about the importance of adopting rescued animals

Your contribution of $25 a month gives a better quality life to a dog in the shelter

We encourage our donors to give $35 which contributes also to feeding the street dogs.



Education is the base of helping these communities become auto sustainable. Nuevalife has several projects within the educational one. Including English classes and supporting high school graduates to continue their eduction at a technical schools or universities.

Your contribution helps Nuevalife get the school materials, pay for some tuition and transportation of the students.