NuevaLife visited San Jose de Sarapanga, a community of around 210 people in the Amazon of Peru, 5 hours away from Iquitos by land and water. After identifying multiple waterborne diseases, NuevaLife started our first water project.

A catchment system was installed and a water pump brings the water to an elevated water treating tank. Six water outlets were installed throughout the community were treated water is now being distributed. Because of this project, the community of San Jose de Sarapanga now enjoys clean water.

Puños, Peru:

This zone was declared in extreme poverty by the government of Peru. They estimate that 90% of the population live in extreme poverty.

NuevaLife volunteers visited all surrounding communities to distribute a 40′ container full of clothes, shoes, school supplies, and toys. Also, educational activities with a group of children from 8 years old to 14 years old were completed. We discussed their rights and obligations as children, hygiene, geography team work and tolerance.



Macusani, Peru

NuevaLife distributed donations collected in the US and helped build a chicken coop to enforce sustainability. Due to their location, 10 hours away from Arequipa in the Andean mountains at an altitude of 5,700 meters (18,700 feet) above sea level, Macusani receives limited or no help by local authorities.

In addition to Macusani, we also visited nearby communities such as Escalera (1,125 residents), Isivilla (1,005 residents), Tamtamaco (1,617 residents) and Ayapata (3,611 residents) amongst others. Kids’ faces were burnt by the cold wind and their bodies were malnourished.

After this trip, NuevaLife decided to start the Container for Hope program to bring donations to communities in extreme poverty.