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We believe that by providing quality ​Education​ and proper infrastructure for learning we can give children and youth the tools necessary to redirect their lives to make them what they wish. Because only through the power of knowledge can we truly impact.

Our​ Water & Energy ​pillar is our fight to provide our communities with essential resources to aid the problems that stem from lack of access to potable water such as dehydration, malnutrition, and child mortality. Providing energy to our communities allows for children to be able to do homework and adults to continue to work on their handicrafts which is the main source of income in our communities after the sun goes down.

While working on the grassroots level in our communities we have identified the need to implement our ​Paw Support​ pillar due to the cruel realities we have found in the field. We have established this pillar to educate and empower our communities on the importance of animal welfare and teach them best practices to care for their furry friends so they too can count with a better quality of life.