What do we do?



NuevaLife believe that everyone has the right to safe water. That is why we are working to introduce natural water filtrations systems in remote communities. 

In these communities, families rely on wells, rivers or small ‘jagüeye’ reservoirs, however the water is untreated and salt contaminated. Children under 5 are the most prone to illness, as their bodies are not accustomed to the state of the water.

The filtration systems do not require energy and are easy to maintain. NuevaLife runs workshops with community members on their proper use and maintenance.


We realise that poor education can restrict opportunities later in life, causing cycles of intergenerational poverty and we want to change that.

NuevaLife supplies donations of essential schools items to children in need and facilitate infrastructural improvements to educational centres in vulnerable communities. 

Many children in remote communities have fallen behind academically due to the pandemic. We support creative educational activities through sports, arts and inter-cultural exchange to reignite children’s enthusiasm for learning.


Many remote indigenous communities do not have access to the national grid. This is why NuevaLife has started a collaborative model to bring solar-powered lighting to these households.

Having electric lighting can bring about big changes as communities are no longer-restricted to the sunlight hours of the day. Children can do their homework and parents can continue working in the evenings, increasing their economic output. The lighting can also increase household security after dark.

Our goals for 2022

Families with solar lighting
Families with water filters
Educational Projects established

Community leaders

NuevaLife is collaborating with social leaders from different communities, providing training on how they can develop their local initiatives into formal projects eligible for funding, so that they can be the leaders of the change they want to see in their communities.