NuevaLife Empowering The Youth


With all the safety measures in place, we continue our work on the field because now more than ever our communities walk with us in the path of resilience. 

In effort to support the Education pillar, Curari Aid has donated 10 computers to Murrari School. Not only is computer literacy vital in today’s world and the tool that has the most investment value due to the access it provides its users; but these computers are special! Why, may you ask? These computers represent one of the resources that will get the Murrari School one step closer to meeting the national standard to GRADUATE STUDENTS! At present, the Murrari school can only teach up to 9th grade due to the lack of a computer center and a science lab. This means that children that want to get a higher education cannot continue due to the lack of resources the school has. Automatically, closing the door to getting out of poverty and working for a better future. To the school these are not just 10 computers; these are 10 computers that will equip its students to walk a different path. 

Adopt our Education pillar to support more projects like this and give way to a new path for children.

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