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Nine months ago; NuevaLife and MasterCard employees collaborated to bring water to Werrutka; one of our eleven communities. Like most of our communities the individuals of Werrutka had to walk miles in temperatures of about 104 F in desert terrain to have access to a bucket full of water. Water that didn’t suffice the need and the demand. Families were forced to make daily decisions as to what was the most pressing need for water that day and ration the supply throughout. Traditionally, women and girls fetched the water causing a lot of girls to miss school. The lack of water in our communities is a huge health issue that has lifelong impacts to its individuals. Child mortality rates in La Guajira are linked directly to this among other things such as malnutrition; which can be combated if the villagers have vegetable gardens to produce their own food – food that needs water too!  

As most know, development and impact takes time; which now has passed in the Werrutka community. Today, we are pleased to say that 225 individuals have benefited from this project! Individuals that no longer have to walk miles to get a bucket of water and whom no longer have to choose between needs. 117 women and girls who no longer have to suffer the physical impact of carrying bucketfuls of water to the village and who can now attend school with more regularity. Not only have the individuals of the community directly benefited but their farm animals have also gained weight and count with regular water access. Allowing the community to sell the animals for income for their families. With the pandemic outbreak, the villagers in Werrutka have peace in knowing that at least they have the resources to wash their hands in a way to protect themselves from the virus. 

Water, a resource that has a ripple positive effect in communities in La Guajira, Colombia. 

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